Changes on how to book a GP Appointments

Following feedback from patients and demand for on the day appointments. We have had to make some changes to our appointment schedule, and we apologise if this is currently inconveniencing you.

From July 1st 2019 we are stopping the “Rapid access clinic”. Our service will be run more as an “on the day” service, allowing you the access you need when you want it.

To access a GP appointment you can use our website:     to “ask a GP a question” or the “e-consult” which asks you a series of questions. You can also ring the surgery or approach our receptionist at the desk. Your name will be added to a list, and a GP will ring you to answer your query, give advice to you or to book you a face to face appointment on that day. This will avoid long periods of holding on the phone to speak to a GP and hopefully improves access for our patients.

To allow your request to be navigated to the correct person in the surgery, the Receptionist will ask you some questions. This is not because the receptionist is being nosey, but it allows the Receptionist to ensure that you are dealt with by the correct person in a timely manner.

This new system will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Thank you for your patience whilst we aim to improve your service,

The Doctors of The Willows Medical Centre